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6 Incredible Tips For SEO That You Do Not Know

6 Incredible Tips For SEO That You Do Not Know by Sean Peters

No matter where I am on the internet, I see something or another about the next great search engine optimization information or company. I truly believe that over 9 out of 10 web sites offering information are nothing but copied garbage.

Truth be told that your web site is useless without search engine optimized web pages. For instance, if the search engines do not like your site they will not show your site in the results sections of their query. This is known as on-page factors for your web site.

An even more important trick used for seo is known as the off-page factors. Search engines now are judging your web site importance by seeing how many web sites are pointing to your web site. This is known as backlinking.

This is fine and dandy to find web sites to link to you, but you are missing the boat if you just have everyone link to you. Below I will pin point out 6 crucial tips of backlinking value and how to find best web sites to have linking to you..

First we will want to do a search for a site that we wish to copy that is doing well in the search engines.

Go to and perform a search for your desired topic you wish to copy. Find the web site in the 1st or 2nd spot and copy the name into the search bar. This time use and type in "link: domain". Yahoo seems to provide more backlinks that the other big two search engines google and MSN who only report some of the backlinks.

Here are the 6 tips for you to use:

TIP 1: Value the page title of the web site linking to you.

This is most important.

If the title of the web page you have your link on has one or more of the key words in your web site you are given much more weight. You will want to look closely into your progressive link partners to see the title of the page your link will be on with them.

This is done pretty easy buy looking at the results you would get from the above instructions. Those are the page titles that are displayed in blue from the results.

TIP 2: The importance of how many outbound links are on the web site that is linking to you

A web page can only have so much importance or page rank to it. The more outbound links that are on the web page the less your link to your web site will count. So if your web page is the only outgoing link on the web page, it is going to hold much more importance than a site that has many outgoing links on it.

A safe suggestion would be to place your link on a web page with no more than 40 links per page. Much more than that and the link to your site will be devalued.

This type of work will require a great amount of time to do however. You will have to physically visit that web page and count the # of outgoing links on it.

TIP 3: Value the content of the page that is linking to you

Your best bet would be to try and get a link on web page that is filled with content. Opposed to a web page filled with links only.

There are 2 reasons for this.

The first is that there will be a minimal amount of outgoing links on the web page.

The second is that the content page will be rated better as it will contain keywords in the content.

You will also be found much easier as you will one of the only links on the page. A good way of checking into this would be to see what web site your visitors are coming from if you are getting quite a few visitors from that site. I am willing to bet there are not many links on the web page that has your link on it.

TIP 4: Look into the type of links linking to the web page your link is on

Basically the more site owners of web pages linking to you that have off-page optimization the more weight that will be held on your link.

Trying to figure this out is near impossible. Your best bet would be to have a few people dedicated to this search or to build an automated process to send this information to you. Finding the off-page optimization for each site linking to you will take more time than you will have. I guarantee this.

TIP 5: Locate the IP addresses of all web pages linking to you

In the search engine eyes, links that come to you from the same IP address are not valued with much importance. This is an important thing to know. This is in place to keep web masters from pointing every web site they own to each other.

Now, it is not a bad to have a link or two with the same IP but it is more important to have most of your links coming from different IP addresses.

To locate an IP of a web page pointing to you, you may use this tool:

Here you can enter from 2 to 10 links to check their IP address. Keep in mind that this process is extremely tedious once you get into checking a few hundred or thousand web pages to check..

Tip 6: How important does google value web site that is linking to you

This tip is one that most everyone does not even know about. Authority Web Sites are seen as most import by the search engines. Web pages that contain a gov at the end of their domain name are considered to be an authority web site.

There are a few other sites such as and that have reached this status as well. You will find that most authority sites contain a ton of content and information.

If you are able to obtain a link from this type of site, it will have a huge impact on how your web page is considered. Any site containing a page rank of 7 and up would be assumed an authority site.

This brings us to a question? Is this time consuming process worth it?

The answer is simple. Yes. You will be much impress by taking the time needed to find targeted backlinks from web pages with great off-page optimization.

If you are looking for and automated solution to save all your time and provide even more useful help, there is a product you will find in the author box that will do all of this for you.

This program will find all of the above information in minutes and offers other strategies to promote your web site.

From here I would use the other tools in the program to quicken the time it takes to implement a link building process.

Ready. Aim. Fire!

You have not got the most valuable information that most outsiders do not even know about or use. Get started right away and be ready to see your web site listed higher in the search engines right away.

Here is to your online success, and more targeted traffic!

About the Author
Sean Patrick is a long time marketing expert that has concentrated his last 5 years to uncovering the search engines and how to market your web site online. will drive your web site marketing to new levels.

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10 Easy Tips to Consider in Search Engine Optimization

Sharon Lepcha has written 10 Easy Tips to Consider in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by Indian Seo Experts and writes "1. Keyword being the weapon of your success in SEO, use those keywords that are directly related or targeted to your business theme.

2. Take care not to over-crowd your site’s content with keywords and use keywords throughout the content instead of concentrating it at the beginning or at the end.

3. Back-link or inbound link is important, so build links with potential partners that can generate profit to your site.

4. Choose good title and Meta tags- Good title makes good move on page optimization, and suitable, targeted, theme based, precise keywords and phrases in Meta tags help spiders find your web pages more easily..

5. Design your site that clearly represent your business and make an easy navigation based on your keyword research.

6. Make web pages that are easy to load. Don’t make pages with large images, if images are necessary; make a thumbnail of it and link it with full image page so that you can add more pages and text in it which spiders love to crawl.

7. Make your web pages content rich with keywords and phrases that hit your business. Add more contents that give precise information about your services and products.

8. Offer something unique than general contents to spice-up your website i.e. add more articles at least one per month and update your contents regularly and add new resources.

9. Add more content to your website but never make it duplicate by copying other’s work. Duplicate content is easily detected by search engine and make your website unqualified for ranking and kicked it off completely from search engine.

10. Take advice of trusted advisor or Search Engine Optimization Company for site optimization and marketing your website rather being duped by false promise makers.

Sharon Lepcha is a content writer and an emerging author in the field of technology. She is associated with Midas Web Technologies, one of the best web site design company in India specializing in software development, ecommerce web site design, php development, web programming, custom application development, internet marketing, link building and professional seo services.

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