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Gaining Link Popularity Techniques

Gaining Link Popularity Techniques was written by Martin and he writes "Link popularity is very important these days for all websites since most major search engines look at link popularity has a tool for ranking your site in there search results as well as the quality of your websites content keyword wise. Link popularity is a great way to gaining targeted visitors to your website. This article is going to show you easy and free and effective ways to increase your websites link popularity.

The purpose of having a website is to get visitors to your website to enable you to reach you websites goal that maybe to make a sale of your product or service.

here are a couple of free and effective ways to increase your websites link popularity and the best thing it is free..

1) Submit your website to directories - Directories are by far the most popular way to increase any websites link popularity since they are so many directories out there and they are usually free for any webmaster to add there website url. You need to find directories that pass Google page rank and that are search engine friendly you can find this out usually by looking at links that are on the directory that have direct links websites not a redirecting url. A example of such directory is mine Sorve.com Directory.

Directories are also great for gaining highly targeted visitors to your website if you submit your site in the right category since people actually search directories to find relevant websites to what they are searching for.

2) Forum Signatures - This is another method you gaining link popularity this can be dine by link to your website from your signature in the forum. Make sure you hyperlink your website to the main keyword's that your website relates to e.g. Search Engine Directory

3) Link Exchanges - This is another popular way to increase any websites link popularity by exchanging website links with relevant websites to yours this is a hard way to gain link popularity but it has been made easy to exchange links with sites by link exchange sites such as linkexchanged.com or linkmarket.net but you can also ask website owners to link with your site by just emailing the webmaster in most cases they will like to link with you if you have a there link already on your link exchange page and if they find your website useful to there viewers.

4) Writing Articles - writing articles that enable other website owners to publish them o there website is another way to gain link popularity like what I have done. This you will have a Authors biography or resource box on the bottom of your article that contains your websites link so when someone publishes your article on your website you will gain a nice one-way link to your website and also if your readers find your article interesting they are most likely going to checkout your website.

5) Link To Us - provide a page on your website for people that find your website interesting to add your website link to your website here is a example http://www.sorve.com/link.html (Link To Us).

6) Just Ask - Ask anyone that owns a website you know just to add you link or add just add a couple of lines to your website such as: "Please help us by add our link to your site" Hyperlink it to your link to us page or link exchange page.

These are most probably most common ways for you to increase your website link popularity and gain more visitors from those links or from search engines. So start gaining links to your website and get the traffic that you deserve.

Good Luck
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