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5 Effective Tips For Successful Submission To Web Directories

5 Effective Tips For Successful Submission To Web Directories was written by Julia Ramyalg and he writes "In my previous article I told why submission to web directories is an excellent promotion tool for your website. Now you can learn how to submit your web site link correctly and avoid general mistakes others do.

As you know, submission to web directories is a fantastic promotion tool that can boost your website link popularity and search engines rankings because with each submission you get one-way link to your website. There are free and paid web directories, and if you pay for the listing you want be sure it will work for your website. However submission to web directories is a kind of art and science at the same time and of course it has its secrets.

Follow these 5 tips to make web directories work for your website:

1. Make sure that it is a SEO friendly web directory

Links must be direct, static, and SEO-friendly that allows search engine robots to easily find and index your link:

* View the web page source code by right clicking on the page and selecting “View Source” from the drop-down menu.
* Look at the page meta tags, namely ROBOTS and make sure it doesn’t contain NOFOLLOW or NOINDEX attributes.
* Look at the links codes – URL in HREF attribute must be pointed directly to a linked website, not redirect from the web directory domain link.
* Links must not contain NOFOLLOW attribute..

2. Find the best place for your web site link

The best place is page with good Page Rank, easily and shortly reached from index page of the web directory, that contain relevant text and links.

* Browse a web directory categories and/or subcategories to find the best placement for your link. It’s very important because link, placed on a page with text content relevant by theme to the website’s theme has more value in eyes of search engines.
* If your website fits more than one categories or subcategories, select the one which is reached by less clicks from the home page, and/or has less other websites links on the pages – this will give your link larger “piece” of Page Rank.

3. Follow the web directory submission guidelines

If the online web directory meets all these requirements you can start composing your link. Always before starting submission you should read the submission rules or guidelines, because if your submission is failed to meet them, your website will be denied.

* Usually typical submission guidelines are quite simple and within the common sense rules – your website must be legal, developed (no landing page or under construction), must not be related to racism, hate, illegal activities, etc. If you try to submit such website regardless of the guidelines, most likely your submission will be denied because most of web directories are human edited.
* Another reason for your website to be denied is that you selected wrong category for your listing – one web directory editor may fix it, but another one will just delete the listing.
* Let’s also talk about deep linking – this is when you submit internal page of your website like www.yoursitename.com/pagename.html instead of top level domain www.yoursitename.com Deep linking is a SEO tactics for getting links, which look more natural in eyes of search engines, and it helps promoting certain website pages or sections as well. Not all web directories accept deep links for regular listings – most of them offer this for premium paid submission only. If you want to submit internal page link to a web directory, read before starting what the directory submission guidelines tell about this to avoid deletion of your listing.

4. Write proper title and description for your link

Title of your link is very important because usually it will be linked to your website as anchor text that has great impact on your website search engine rankings, so do your best writing title for each link you submit, however:

* Do not stuff the title with keywords only because this may cause rejection of your submission by the directory editor, but write normal informative phrases describing your website topics, services, products, ideas.
* If the web directory submission rules allow using 2–3 keywords or key phrases in the title and description, do not miss that chance; however try to “mix” the keywords with other normal words.
* Do not exceed the allowed limit of characters otherwise your title will be truncated or the whole listing rejected.
* Vary the link title and description at least slightly for each submission to make the links look natural in eyes or search engines. When search engines find hundreds or thousands of links to your website with the same anchor text (title) and description, they just discount the links value and your money and time were wasted to no result in rankings. It’s enough just to change one word in title and phrases order in the description from directory to directory, and use different keywords for every 10th web directory to get natural links for your website and improve its rankings for all the keywords.
* Remember that human users are also interested in your website listing and will follow the link if they find it interesting and useful. That’s why to use normal language for the title and description, that takes attention of the users and prompt them to click the link.

5. Write down all web directories you have submitted your website to

* The first reason for this is to avoid repeated submission to the same web directory because this may cause the first submission rejection or deletion.
* Also it’s just helpful and handy to have summary list of where and when you submitted your website, so in few weeks you can return and check if your website has been added, because some web directories send notification about website inclusion but some do not and you have to check it manually.

These 5 tips are simple but very effective because you know you spend your time and money on submission that brings great results.

Julia Ramyalg
Internet Marketing Manager

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